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The Grand National Hooligan Championship series is the premier hooligan racing series in the US. This ever-expanding amateur flat track race category is full of adrenaline, unlimited engine mods, and, of course, tricked out twin-cylinder bikes. Classed for anything over 649cc that was once street legal, you'll see everything from H-D Sportsters and KTM 890s to Triumphs and Ducati Scramblers, and more.

Rules & Regs


The great thing about us is that anyone can find a home in GNHC. Literally. If you've got a bike over 650cc and a fire in your heart to go fast, we'll put you on the starting line.* But jokes aside, the culture and race environment here in the Hooligan class is second to none. You won't just find a hobby to do on the weekend, you'll find a community. And we're proud to lead that community into a 2023 season that's set to be the best yet.

So, hello Hooligans — let's race.

*While we are a "run what you brung" kind of operation, we've still got a few protocols in place to keep things running like a well-oiled machine, and more importantly, to keep our riders safe and our races fair. Please read, familiarize yourself, and strictly follow our rules & regulations.

Download the Hooligan class rules and regulations here.

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Race Divisions

As a national racing operation, we run four regional divisions: East, West, South, and Midwest. Check out race schedules, standings, and results by division all in one place.


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We rely on the support of generous businesses like these, and always welcome additional sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring GNHC or a particular race division, please contact series owner Jeremy DeRuyter on

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