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Dec 21, 2021
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Hey dudes! Here's a start to a few ideas that i'd like to share. GNHC series growth, involvement and future for this series is exciting for all, and is growing at a rapid pace. With growth, there is a few hurdles, trial and errors, and, compromises that might be needed as the series, grows, evolves and adapts. My, "Opinion" as to how, "I perceive" the series and its future could see a few changes/adjustments to keep the, "Amateur Majority" interested and racing GNHC! A few "Rules-Creep Adjustements" *Set a realistic weight limit. Minimum weight be set by the benchmark/majority of the field. 400lbs., as raced. Any bike UNDER 400lbs. must carry ballast safely secured to chassis. *NO ABS and/or TRACTION control allowed at anytime during a GNHC event. ABS and/or TRACTION CONTROL must be disabled at all times. Weight and Electrical limitations will allow current GNHC-spec motorcycles to stay competitive as-raced. *No current AFT rider, and/or any racer that has held a past AFT license within the past 24 months cannot compete at any GNHC events. Disallowing AFT/PRO riders racing the series keeps grassroots/amatuer growth, interest and series regulars competitive within the series. *Amateur GNHC class option. When allowed, with interest, have a true entry level class, limiting the rider's by experience and abilty. This idea is great, only where there is a known quantity to run its own seperate race to allow, "First-timers/Rookies" an entry into Hooligan racing. Thoughts? Opinions? Warriors? Goooooooo!


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