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Dec 22, 2021
I’m completely out on a weight rule. I think that’s dumb. It’s not going to change the racing at all. We’re not mile racing. The top 5 guys will be top 5 no matter what they’re riding. Did it work for Roland?? Lemme look... nope. 2 KTM’s and a HOG top 3 At last round I believe. The 2021 GNHC rules are great in my opinion. With the PRO clause. I can agree with Matt and say traction control shouldn't be allowed. But I also don’t want KTM‘s to not be at the races. I agree with Mark and you could name it differently. I’ve been saying for awhile it could be “Street Production” class. But then does what we’re doing lose it’s following? Like sponsor wise?? without “Hooligan” tag? That’s a question? The rules in my opinion aren’t the reason someone new wouldn’t be interested in building a bike to come race this series or any other Hooligan series. We are more faced with the same issue as AFT.. almost haha. There needs to be seeder class. The B main is by far the best thing about this series. Give the new comers a shot. I know there was talk of purchasing transponders like carting or car racing and that would be the easy way to divide class structure but then people won’t want to buy one either. Maybe rent?? But thats monies on D-rider side too. I keep hearing “$30k KTM” money this, money that. “It’s unappealing to new riders” Money is a choice to be spent. Like it’s Dayton Josh‘s choice to have ohlins on his HOG that are the same price as a used KTM790. haha. sorry Josh. Or I think it’s awesome Suburban JOE is so involved in this series and put retired national number guys on his bikes. Mark, you too. Haha. Me, I absolutely I love that! But some people not so much. That’s very intimadating for new riders. So 400 pound weight will bring down the intimidation factor for new rider tho? Or make it more appeling to new riders? I just circle back to the weight rule. I’m always down to discuss. Wait tho.. how do I cheat??
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